Top 10 Suppliers for Craft Paper and Crepe Paper Supplies

As I have mentioned in my book there are various kind of paper that you use to make paper flowers.

I love to use recycled paper for many of my projects but there will be that project that would need the correct paper to make it perfect.

Here is the List of My Top Suppliers that you can rely on!

Crepe Paper Folds

crepe paper flower book dennison

1.Blumchen (NJ) has beautiful colors
2.AcMoore - has a wonderful section with the folds (for North East) no online store but.
3.Hobby Lobby - or West Coast
4.Castle in the Air - CA
5.Crepe Paper Store

Doublette crepe paper

Picture Credits - Castle in the Air

1.Blumchen (NJ)
2.Castle in the Air -CA

Florist Crepe Paper

1.Castle in the Air -CA
2.Paper Mart
3 . Carte Fini

Origami Paper 

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Construction Paper

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore

Scrapbooking Paper & Cardstock

2.Joann Fabrics
3.Ac Moore
4.Paper Source

Do you have a store that offers paper - would love to hear from you! Contact me via the contact form!

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